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Greetings, Soul Warriors! Welcome to the enchanting realms of Soul Warrior University, where every heart beats with courage, every spirit shines with truth, and every mind blossoms with wisdom. Here, we are more than just learners; we are guardians of light, protectors of life, and seekers of the profound!

Soul Warrior University Mission Statement

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At Soul Warrior University, our mission is to cultivate enlightened warriors of character, compassion, and wisdom. Guided by our sacred codes, we are lifecated to nurturing the holistic development of each individual, empowering them to protect the soul, Mother Earth, and all her inhabitants, particularly the women and children who represent the cradle of life.


Fight for the Soul

We instill a relentless spirit to stand for what is right, to seek truth, and to defend the essence of life—our souls.


Thou Shall Not Hate

We promote a culture of love, understanding, and acceptance, actively rejecting hatred and working towards unity and harmony.


Protect the Mother

We foster a profound respect and guardianship for Mother Earth, women, and the wombs that give life, recognizing their vital role in the sustenance of our universe.


Knowledge of Self is Navigation for the Soul

We encourage the exploration of self-knowledge as the compass that guides personal growth, enlightenment, and purposeful living.


Protect the Children

We uphold the sanctity and innocence of childhood, advocating for the safety,

well-being, and bright future

of every child.

Physical Weapons Protect Self and the Innocent

We teach the responsible use of physical strength and martial arts as means of self-defense and protecting the innocent and the oppressed.


Study the Metaphysical Diligently


Embrace Martial Arts


Build Spiritual Wealth (Currency = Inner-g)

We delve into the mysteries of metaphysics, exploring the unseen forces and dimensions that influence our existence and the universe.


We incorporate martial arts as a path to discipline, self-control, physical fitness, and the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.

We focus on the cultivation of spiritual wealth and inner strength, recognizing these as the true currencies that empower us to make a positive impac


Feed the Mind, Body, and Spirit Healthy

We advocate for a balanced and healthy lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit, fostering well-being and resilience.

Buy Land to Own, Build, and Train

We underscore the importance of land as a resource for self-sufficiency, community-building, and the establishment of sanctuaries for learning and growth.

Bound by these guiding principles, we strive to develop Soul Warriors who are not only knowledgeable and strong but also compassionate and wise, ready to make meaningful contributions to the world and leave a lasting legacy of positive change.


🌟 Embark on an Extraordinary Journey🌟

Are you ready to discover your inner warrior, unlock your hidden potential, and light up the world with your spirit? Join us at Soul Warrior University – where every day is a step towards a brighter, more enlightened future!

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