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A Creative Presence

If when you hear the word “Hip-Hop” you immediately think about drugs and violence, think again. K-LON The Artist is a creative, intelligent, lyrical genius when it comes to rhymes and beats.


When asked “Why do you love creating”?, K-LON The Artist replies “ I do create because it allows me to heal and help others get through difficulties in life, the soul warriors way.”


K-LON The Artist knows that his music will accomplish this goal because the Soul Warrior mission was revealed to him early in life. He plans to use his music and art as a portal to feed the spirit power, love, and strength.


When K-LON The Artist was just 7 years old, he wrote his first rhyme. Since then, he hasn’t put the pen down and has used it as his sword to slay all ills and toxins. He has gone to release over 8 albums, 2 of which are double albums, all of which have been done independently, not to mention all the unreleased material he has stored away in his library.



Since 2003 K-LON The Artist has been performing and traveling globally to have his music heard. He has performed at many venues including the legendary Apollo Theater where many greats have performed.


Not only does K-LON The Artist write and produce music, but he has his own clothing line and holistic health company. He took what he learned from his education at School of the Arts and created his own brand called “K-LON The Artist Designs” where he sells clothing and home decor.



K-LON The Artist knows that HEALTH is WEALTH so he is invested in using holistic remedies to help heal the body. He invested in his own holistic health company called Soul Warrior Wellness. Soul Warrior Wellness makes natural herbal remedies for the body and natural skincare products.


In 2009, K-LON The Artist created a program for youth called “Read 2 Record”. Within this program, youth are able to read and write to record music for free in a recording studio. Since creating this program he has saved many children and kept them off the streets.


K-LON The Artist has the vision to save the future and knows that music, art, and health can accomplish this goal.

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